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 In Oriental Medical Clinic is the first clinic in Korea that renders international clients the opportunity to receive a holistic treatment based upon the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine (also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine).


 The name of our clinic (In =人= Human) expresses one of our main goals, that is to treat every patient as a human being. In oriental philosophy, a human being itself is viewed as a tiny universe in light of the complex nature of a human body.

 A human being has physical body, a mental sphere and a soul. Its health is influenced by a variety of external pathogens (wind, cold, heat, moisture etc.), emotional stresses (anger, hate, fear, grief, joy etc.), wrong diet pattern, and lack of exercise etc.


 Our clinic has strengthens in analyzing each health problem, utilizing the modern science like Infrared-Imaging System, Body Composition Test, and HRV Stress Test as well as the traditional diagnostic methods (sphygmopalpation). We give a holistic treatment solution that, if necessary, combines conventional treatment pattern like acupuncture, herbal acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, herbal medicine etc. with additional health management methods.


 The life becomes more complex everyday and so do the health problems.  We try to combine the strengths of the modern science and the traditional medicine not to just treat symptoms but to cure diseases, and furthermore to improve the level of mental and physical well-being.

About the Clinic

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