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Herbal Super Tonic Ball
" Gong Jin Dan "

 "Gong Jin Dan” is the Super Tonic Ball.

 Gong Jin Dan is made with very valuable & specific Chinese herbs.

 It strengthens the mental and physical constitution, improves the energy of the body, and restores balance between organs.

 If you take one tonic ball every day for more than 30 days, you can feel the enhancement of energy and improvement of chronic fatigue.

 - Fatigue recovery

 - Fast recovery after surgery

 - Muscles and bones strengthening

 - Disease prevention effect

 - Enhancement of the immune system

 - Enhancement of concentration and


 - Improvement of the menstrual cycle

 - Improvement of blood circulation

 - Anti-aging effects

Effects of Gong Jin Dan


Notice :

Effects and responses to treatment may vary by person.

Please, make an appointment to be diagnosed if Gong Jin Dan is suitable for your body constitution.

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